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Welcome to our EU branch

Specialist fish food and equipment

Grow your own microalgae

Starter disks and fertiliser

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Give your fish the best start

Essential early nutrition

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Still decapsulating Artemia?

Sep-Art technology eliminates decap process

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Product Spotlight

These are dried non-hatching decapped brine shrimp cysts that can be used as a convenient feed smaller than newly hatched artemia.

9% dwt, store at 1-5 deg C do not freeze

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Plankton Culture Manual

6TH EDITION (4th PRINTING). This latest edition of the Plankton Culture Manual is based on over 30 years of fish culture experience and is presented in a clear and understandable format. A must for any fry rearing project.

These polarised cysts have been magnetised so that during the harvesting stage a magnetised tube is used to cleanly separate cyst cases and unhatched cysts from the nauplii.

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Roti Rich

The latest magnet for separating polarised Artemia egg cases directly in the hatcher vessel

Quality brine shrimp cysts with hatch rate 260,000+ per g from the Great Salt Lakes, Utah, USA. Very high 95+% hatch rate.

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ZM-400 fry food

ZM-400 has particle sizes larger than brineshrimp and are ideal for ongrowing juveniles. The food particles cleanly flow and are easy to handle

Fishroom Essentials

About Zebrafish Management Ltd

Supporting bioscience and aquaculture

Now celebrating over 25 years of trading, and opening our EU branch in the Netherlands, these remain exciting times. With backgrounds in academic and aquaculture research we have plenty of hand-on experience with our products and positive feedback from our customers.

We enjoy working with our suppliers and welcome new technologies and products that assist the hatchery manager. 

Year on Year our customers have benefitted from consistent product quality and nutrient value leading to healthy fish. Be it in the laboratory, fish farm, or hobbyist fishroom we are here to support your projects.

Any questions - just ask!

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